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Advertise on CATCH UP Television


Here's a chance to test out your business on a brand new advertising opportunity!

Simply register for us to contact you.  We will tell you more about Catch Up Television and your business will go into the draw to win a production & catch up television package valued at $1200. It's that easy!


1 x 15 second TV Commercial

includes 1 hour shoot. (Value $700)

Plus $500 spend on Catch up Television (Value $500) 

Total Price: $1200


$1200 Catch Up Television Package to be won 

Enter for your chance to win!!!!!

Thanks for entering!

Terms & conditions

Competition starts Monday 6 May until Friday 31 May 2024.

Only open to businesses in the Sydney,  Illawarra, Shoalhaven or Southern Highlands with an ABN.

Must register email & company name to enter competition.


Catchup TV gives you the credibility of TV advertising at a fraction of the cost. Nine Now and Seven Plus are catch up platforms that combine the prestige of TV with data driven targeting capabilities.

With Catch up TV you can target your location, gender, viewing habits and behaviours. This allows you to advertise to the consumers that are actually going to buy your product. A business trying to target certain demographics can easily refine ads to hit their target market.

Location, down to the postcode, is another effective way for a business to hit their market.

This allows a business to get their message out there in a way that they could never do with traditional TV.

The catchup platforms had previously been used for national customers but now they are open to smaller local businesses that can run campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV.

There is a huge opportunity for local businesses to use these platforms at a point where they are not cluttered in the way that social media is.

Catch up TV is still TV and when it comes to advertising TV is still king.

It accounts for 85% of in home screen viewing and is 20 times more effective than facebook advertising.

Due to studies we know that there is a massive drop off in advertising retention rates on any scrolling platform. TV gives a huge boost in credibility and delivers close to a 100% completion rate to advertisers due to its captive audience.

There isn’t a business large or small that shouldn’t be exploring catch up as a way to get their message out there. Catch up TV has been a long time coming and is going to change the landscape of advertising as we know it.

As a registered advertising agency for all platforms Zealous In can produce high quality content and manage your campaign over its duration.

We specialise in delivering marketing results for clients using all digital and traditional mediums.

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